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@sunfare - Oh what a wonderful day! We had another successful food drive this year and can't thank you enough for your...
Sun Dec 21 2014 13:37:20

@sunfare - It's like Santa's sleigh for adults, making the world happier one meal delivery at a time.
Sat Dec 20 2014 9:40:01

@sunfare - It's like Santa's sleigh for adults, making the world happier one meal delivery at a time.
Thu Dec 18 2014 11:27:18

@sunfare - 'Tis the season … To let Sunfare do all the cooking, like this delicious Braised Beef Enchilada from our Family...
Thu Dec 18 2014 11:21:27

@sunfare - Hearty meets healthy? It does when you order our all-new Paleo Diet plan. #sunfaredeliverssmiles #cavemancuisine
Tue Dec 16 2014 13:53:02

Signature Diet


The Signature Diet has been our main program since we started serving people back in 1997. Today, it’s still our most popular offering. Our clients use this program with great success to lose weight and get healthy, or just to enjoy the convenience of our delicious (and nutritious) meals.


The Details:

The Signature Diet uses a science-based "30/40/30" principle. This means that for every meal and snack you eat, 30% of it will be lean protein, 40% will be whole wheat or low glycemic carbohydrate, and 30% heart healthy, monounsaturated fat. A 30/40/30 diet keeps blood sugar stable, reduces cholesterol, and offers a wide range of health benefits. These include increased energy, improved mental clarity, better skin tone, sounder sleep, and weight loss. Clients on this program can lose up to 25 pounds in only three months!


The Food:

The science may make this diet work, but it’s the food that makes it special. Flavor, variety, and choice are hallmarks of our Signature program. Each meal is prepared daily with fresh and healthy ingredients. And you can choose from hundreds of meal choices every day to create the menu of your dreams. By stocking up on dishes that you love, it's easier to stick to your diet and get the results - and that’s what it’s all about. 

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