Safety is our top priority.

At Sunfare, the safety of our clients and the cleanliness of our facilities is the essence of our business. We are always fully compliant with county and governmental health and food safety guidelines, and have added additional protocols in order to maintain a safe working environment. The following practices are in full effect at both our Los Angeles and Phoenix facilities:

  • Taking temperature of every employee every day prior to shifts; sending employees home immediately if at risk.
  • Enforcing a strict do not come to work policy if feeling symptomatic.
  • Added additional hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in each van for delivery drivers; drivers wipe down van before each shift begins and again after shift is over.
  • Hired full time “sanitizers” in both LA and PHX locations:
    • - Sanitizers wipe down and disinfect all high touch areas including door handles, sink handles, toilet handles, desktops, keyboards, countertops, van interiors (steering wheels, transmission levers, blinker and wiper levels, consoles, shelves), etc., over the course of operating hours.
  • Line crews wiping down all counters after each wave of meal assembly.
  • Daily disinfecting of all delivery bags to ensure inside and outside sanitation, including bag handles, zipper pulls, and ice packs.
  • High attention to personal hygiene practices:
    • - All employees washing hands regularly for 20 seconds, including before and after each shift and every time they leave/return to their station (for lunch, a break, the restroom, etc.)
    • - Avoid touching face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.).
    • - No hand shaking, high-fiving, hugging, or close personal contact with other employees.
  • Facilities:
    • - Both LA and PHX facilities are divided into distinct rooms and areas with fewer than 10 people in each department
    • - All employees can be at least six feet apart in every department
    • - Signage posted throughout all areas of each facility reminding employees of expected hygiene practices

From all of us at Sunfare, please know that we take our role as your healthy meal provider very seriously. We consider it our great privilege to serve you, and will continue to put all of our efforts and resources toward preparing and delivering your meals in a safe, dependable, and responsible manner.